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Dandeli – Kali River

Dandeli - The River Kali

This is one of the most frequented places at Dandeli, a sort of ‘tourist thing to do’. While the others were taking pictures of the rather smallish waterfall and crowding the frame, I was trying to find a spot that didn’t have all the dads and moms and their kids around. This horseshoe shaped bend felt captivating. At the peak of the bend, was a rather deep crevasse which was dark and had a snake skin probably shed a couple of days ago. The peaceful, serene look of the place disguises the rather sharp rocks that jut out of everwhere at this place.

Note to self – carry torch at all times when at Dandeli.

Alien Lands

Alien Lands - River Kali, Dandeli, Karnataka

Alien Lands – River Kali, Dandeli, Karnataka
f/9, 1/800, ISO 800, 175mm

Strolling through the Jungle Lodges and Resorts grounds early morning we came across this view of rocks jutting out of fast flowing river water. The stark landscape reminds one of being on an alien planet. This is the river Kali known probably for its sheer black rocks that give it the name – literally (Kali – black). The river is host to a wide variety of wildlife including crocodiles and river snakes. Local people revere the crocs for over 200 of them exist in this river and thus far there has never been a single fatality or major incident. This is one place where truly man and animal live together. The ‘collaboration’ might just be to keep the inflow of visitors coming in but nevertheless is fruitful.

This place is also the home of the Malabar Hornbill – seen almost everywhere along the river banks.

Curious Blue

Verdite Flycatcher Ananthagiri Hills small

Verdite Flycatcher Ananthagiri Hills small

Mr. Blue. EXIF – 1/250, f/6.3, ISO 1000, 300mm

Mr. Blue looked curiously at me as we walked in to the Shiva temple at Ananthagiri Hills. We spent a beautiful morning here trekking our way about two weekends ago.